Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're down to 50 hours before departure

Friday was a big day for Team Canada. Our first real challenge together as a team: picking an off court outfit everyone liked. Exhausted and hungry after walking around the entire mall 3 times, we made some compromises and settled on a cute dress and shoes, then went for dinner at the Pickle Barrel for the second night in a row. Both nights it entertained and delighted us to find Jess’s photo in the menu, playing squash!

Now, after a weekend of matches, the team is sore and looking forward to a day or two off squash (Harry Potter must be seen prior to departure). Seanna Keating, Marnie Baizley, and Eric Baldwin came to run us around in our practice tournament. Greatly appreciated! I know I’ll be looking for a rematch once we’re home.

Count down: 50 hours

P.S. check out where it says that Canada has been given a tentative seeding of 3!!

By: Sam Cornett

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