Thursday, July 30, 2009

Opening Ceremonies and Beyond!

And so, the World Junior Squash Championships have begun. The opening ceremonies happened last night, with speeches and good lucks from many important people, and lots of jokes. One of the ministers deemed us all fighters on the court, and not off, wishing it could be the same throughout the world. The media was there in droves, which was awesome. We took pictures of them taking pictures, there were so many!
This semi-formal event was very classy, some in suits, some in prom-style dresses, and the German girls were kicking it old school in traditional dresses. Obviously we looked great in matching red dresses and white shoes. Don’t worry; we are representing you all well! Glenn and Jess (Gless) both looked sharp as well, effervescent one might say. In the end, the ice cream with chocolate chips in the buffet topped the night off nicely.
Today, we all played. Danielle and Jen played in the morning, forcing the team to get up early. Just kidding, it was awesome cheering them on. Jen played first, coming out strong and taking the first game, but falling to France’s Lecoq in 4. Danielle then took on Garcia from Spain, and with a ton of great volleys she took her down in 3. In the afternoon, Sam played Tucker from South Africa and played very strong squash to win in 3. Laura was next, taking down Pranjpe from India in 3 games. Danielle played for the second time of the day against India’s Reddy, finishing the day with a strong match, but unfortunately losing in 4 close games.
Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow, ready to show them all just what we’re made of!
Go Team!!

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