Thursday, August 6, 2009

It’s been a tough couple days for your girls.  We started out killer on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday we fell just short each matchup.
Monday we cleaned up against Spain, only dropping one game.  Same goes for Tuesday against South Africa.
Wednesday was the last match in our pool against the USA.  Sam went out first, easily taking two games off Sobhy, but she didn’t have enough left to finish her off and lost in five.  Laura followed, kicking Blatchford in three straight.  Then Jen went on against Cerullo and had three close games, unfortunately none of them going in our favour.
On to Thursday, which had a similarly painful ending.  Sam beat Reddy in 4 games, then Laura lost to Pallikal in 3.  In the end, the deciding match was Jen, who battled hard, but lost in 4, despite having sucked the very aggressive Misra into her game style. 
Today we play New Zealand, and we are going to go out hard.
Cross your fingers!

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  1. Hey ladies!
    I've been following every minute of this tournament - very exciting! Tough break on those close losses to the US and India. Laura, nice comeback in your match today vs. NZ!
    Only one more match left, ladies, go for it! Carter and I are very proud and routing for you all!